Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today We Remember Lt. John P. Napolitano

Today we remember Lt. John P. Napolitano, FDNY Rescue 2. This letter was written by his dad on his 34th birthday:

My Beloved Son,

I sometimes think of the irony about the day that you were born, a 4th of July baby, Independence Day, born during troubled times, and 33 years later, you would become part of an extraordinary group of Heroes, who showed the world, during a cowardly attack on unarmed civilians, profound courage. Heroes who met evil head on with professionalism, dedication, and compassion, and a courage so great that it has inspired all Americans, and has united this Nation in a way that we have never been united before.

Sept 11th and the world stood still, a terrible attack against innocent people, they were trapped under horrific conditions, but you and others did not stand still, the towers were mortally wounded and even though you didn't know when or where the next missile containing innocent victims would strike, you and the other heroes rushed in, you were all towers of courage, you all saved so many lives. You were the eyes for those that could not see, the legs for those that could not walk, and you were the hope for those that were in despair and had no hope at all. The towers came down and in seconds hope and dreams were shattered.

I see the boy and the good and decent man, and today is your birthday, Independence Day. While others celebrate the birth of the Nation, my heart is broken, but I am so grateful to celebrate the birth of my Son...I wished you 33 Happy Birthdays, it wasn't enough. I want to wish you so many more, but they were happy for me. You were and always will be everything that a Father could ask for in a Son. Happy Birthday, my Son. I love you.


We Will Never Forget!

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