Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today We Remember FF Gary Geidel

Today we remember Firefighter Gary Geidel, Rescue Co. 1.

To my wonderful loving son, Gary Geidel.
Words will never be enough to write how much I miss you Gary.
There is not one day that passes, not one, that tears don't flow down my cheeks from missing you. 
No one in this world loved you more than I. I am so proud of you Gary.
You were my son, best friend, and you will be my hero for the rest of my life.


Gary Geidel, 44, was two weeks shy of retirement. He was putting in overtime on the morning of Sept. 11, as he rushed toward the World Trade Center, determined to join his company in the rescue efforts, just as he did during the bombing in 1993. In this letter written by his father, a retired Fire lieutenant at Rescue Co. 1, Paul Geidel remembers a son who followed in his footsteps.

We Will Never Forget!

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