Monday, October 25, 2010

Today We Remember FF Sean Hanley

Today we remember FF Sean Hanley, age 35, Ladder Co. 20 FDNY.

Sean had second thoughts about being a firefighter several years ago when three friends died in the line of duty. But his two grandfathers, father and a brother were firefighters, and he decided the job was in his blood - no matter what the risk.

On Sept. 11, Sean finished his night shift as a firefighter with Ladder Co. 20 in the SoHo section of Manhattan and planned to stop by his friend's midtown office. As he drove away in his black truck at around 8:45 a.m., he flipped on the radio and heard that the Twin Towers were on fire; he rushed directly to the World Trade Center.

Sean was a tough guy on the outside, softy on the inside. He was a prankster in the firehouse and loved to play jokes.

"He was a soft-hearted guy who would cry at the drop of a hat, yet he would go and fight for whoever needed it," said his father, Gerald. "He was All-American, just like all the boys who went down."

On her 60th birthday, Sean's mother got a bouquet of 60 roses from him. And once when his brother Gerry mentioned that his child-care arrangements had fallen through, Sean was on a plane to take off to a vacation in Vegas. It didn't matter, he got off the plane and he said he'd help. Las Vegas, he figured, could wait.

Kevin Hanley, left this note for his brother Sean:

Dear Sean,
One of my great brothers, I do not even know were to start but I will start by saying I love you and miss you more than you can even imagine. We shared a lot of great and personal moments. I remember when I was little and we used to put the boxing gloves on and you used to pummel me, that one time when I caught you with one and gave you a bloody nose. I thought that was the best day of my life at the time. I also remember that you were always there for me when I needed to talk to someone. I will never forget all the great and exciting times we shared, I love you Sean and will miss you with all my heart, you are a great, caring, sensitive, wonderful, courageous, inspiring, talented, funny, tough and all the greatest things I could possibly think of. You’re the man, you gave your life for others and I will always hold you in my heart as my idol and hero, not because of what happen because you always have been. I will be thinking, dreaming and talking to you for the rest of my life.


Your Brother

We Will Never Forget!


  1. I live in Fairbanks, Ak where a local firefighter's wife organized a community wide event to remember/honor each of the fallen on 9/11. As part of our rememberance we wish to honor each fallen firefighter by performing an act of service in their honor. I was touched learning more about Sean. I have 5 boys and the bond between he and his brother and the love he had for his mother touched my heart. Truly a wonderful man. Thank you for this post about him.