Sunday, October 10, 2010

Today We Remember Joyce Carpeneto

Today we remember Joyce Carpeneto, a well liked and admired young woman who worked at the WTC. On Sept. 11, 2001, Joyce perished with all of her General Telecom co-workers, in an 83rd floor corner office, in the north tower. Everyone survived from the four other companies on the floor, 10 floors below the impact zone, but all 13 General Telecom workers in the office at the time perished. 

Please take the time to read a poem written about Joyce by her dear friend, John Quinn in 2002: 

"There's An Angel Watching Over Us"

It's a gray, overcast day

In late November

The fourth time I've been

Down this way

The pain in my heart rises

As soon as I walk out

The subway station

But I had to be here for you

I'm not afraid to be here

Because I know

There's an Angel watching over us.

Our eyes fill with tears

Pictures line the walls

And the picket fences

Thousands of dreams

Shattered in an instant

A soft rain starts to fall

Could it have been sent

By you?

To show us both

The depth of your love

And the tears still within you

It's an unmistakable sign

There's an Angel watching over us.

Loved ones write their own

Words of sorrow and grief

On a huge makeshift sheet

I struggle through my tears

To tell you those precious words

I couldn't tell you

When you were here

In this life

Now the rain and the tears

Have both left together

And the sun peeks

Through the clouds

Now I am so confident

There's an Angel watching over us.

I've been down this way

Three times before

But this will be the last

Time I come down here

The heartache for me

Is just too great

Seeing that terrible site

Where you left this world

I'd rather remember

The good times we shared

You'll always be

Safe in my heart Sweetie

I'll never break

The Promise I made to you

On the Brooklyn Bridge

You'll always be alive

In my heart forever

I'll never be afraid to die

Because I'll see you again

One day I know

And that because from above

There's an Angel watching over me.

We Will Never Forget!

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