Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today We Remember David Ortiz

Today we remember David Ortiz, a Locksmith from Nanuet, New York, who worked for the Port Authority.

David was one of the Heroes of September 11th. He knew the layout of the World Trade Center complex like the back of his hand. And after the attacks came, he went back in to help. He was one of 13 civilians who was pos
thumously awarded a Medal of Honor for his service on September 11, 2001.

He was a family man, with a sense of humor. When David wasn't working overtime on the weekends to pay for renovations to their house, he was fishing with his then fourteen-year old son, Richard, spreading joy to those around him, or riding his blue Harley Davidson. He enjoyed playing practical jokes on his co-workers in the WTC Lock Shop. He left behind his wife, Lillian, and two children: Richard, and Crystal who was 6. He was very close to his brother, Martin, and his sister, Maria.

"The reason he is missing is because he was trying to help people," his friend and co-worker Mr. Achee said. "We didn't know it was an attack. I went to give back-up batteries to the other workers on the West Side Highway, and he stayed back to prevent people from going into 4 World Trade Center."

A young lady named Nelly, who's father worked with David, wrote this note for the Ortiz family:

To the Ortiz family,

David knew me as Nelly. My dad Domingo also worked at the World Trade Center. My dad and David always used to have breakfast waiting for me right before I started school, which happened to be across the street. He was the nicest person. I remember once when he came to my house to fix the locks, I thought he was the funniest guy ever.

On the morning of Sept. 11 I was watching T.V. and as soon as I heard what happened, I tried to get in contact with my dad. A few minutes later I spoke to him and he was already outside with David. I almost remember hearing David’s voice telling my dad to go back inside with him to help. My dad was the last one to see him....

Later, my dad told me that David had gone back inside. He tried to convince him not to go because it was too dangerous, but he still went. I remember David talking about his family so much. I want to tell his family that David died a Hero. There are people that survived because he led them to life, and today, he lives through them. There is not a day I don't remember you David.

David, I dedicated my high school diploma to you because you always encouraged me to do well in school. You used to say that I should work for the Port Authority Police Department, and that's my next step. And in a few years from now, when I do make it in, I will dedicate my shield to you.

Love, Nelly

We Will Never Forget!

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