Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today We Remember FF Brian "Mac" McAleese

Today we remember Brian "Mac" McAleese, FDNY Engine Company 226. Brian, 36, grew up in a tight-knit Irish family. A devoted and proud father and husband, Brian loved to host parties, celebrate his Irish heritage, and spend time on the beach with his family. Friends and family remembered his selflessness as he took multiple sclerosis patients fishing, horseback riding at dude ranches and bowling, even though many of them were in wheelchairs. Following Brian's example, many of his colleagues at Engine 226 volunteered with the MS Society also. On Sept. 11, Brian switched places without hesitation with another fireman who wasn't feeling well that day. When Brian's older brother, Kevin, went through his locker at the firehouse a week after the attack, he found a wedding photo of Brian and his wife Dawn, ringed with photos of their 4 kids. Surrounding them were photos of Brian's 13 nieces and nephews. Kevin also found a pile of Brian's clothes, neatly folded, everything in its place. A testament, he said, to an orderly life. Brian spent his last Sunday at Robert Moses State Park, building sand castles with his 4-year-old son.

We will never forget!

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