Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today We Remember FF George Sikorsky

Today we remember FF Greg Sikorsky, Squad 41 FDNY, former U.S. Marine, and veteran of the Persian Gulf War.

Greg had a vibrant smile, a wonderful sense of humor, and his integrity and dignity made him a man of Honor. He had a soft spot for children and his adopted Dalmatian, Dominic. He volunteered as a Big Brother and played an active role in the company's fire prevention program. 

Greg was in the lobby on the 43rd floor of the South Tower, along with 5 other Fallen Heroes of Squad 41, when it collapsed at 10 a.m. A Squad 41 Hurst Jaws of life was found with the other equipment indicating that the squad members probably were trying to pry open elevators doors and free riders. Surviving squad members told George Sikorsky his son was believed to have been attempting to work a nearby water pump to douse the flames.

In the days following September 11th, Greg’s beloved Dalmatian, Dominic, after having been brought to Ground Zero by Greg's father, frantically climbed over the wreckage and twisted metal searching for his master. Despite becoming dehydrated and his paws bleeding he would not stop. Eventually, too tired to climb anymore, he was passed around the firemen to continue his search.

In addition to his wife Marie, 3-year-old son Steven, and a lifetime of memories with family, friends, and colleagues, Greg left unfinished his dream to restore a 1939 Mack Fire Truck. For his funeral, Greg's flag-draped coffin was brought to St. Boniface Church by his 1939 Mack fire truck, its restoration having been finished by the local community. Four hundred mourners came to pay their last respects to Greg. Rev. Robert Saccoman held up 3-year-old Steven Sikorsky so he could see and told him:

"I want you to look out there, because it's a love story, a love story that all these people had for your dad, and it's a story your mother will continue to tell you."

We Will Never Forget!

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