Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today We Remember Jose Marrero

Today we remember Jose Marrero, 32, Facilities Manager at Euro Brokers, 84th floor of the South Tower. On Sept. 11, Jose lead many of his coworkers from the 84th floor all the way down to the 23rd floor. That was the closest he ever got to making it out of the South Tower. It was then that he heard Dave Vera, Euro Brokers coworker, over his walkie-talkie pleading for help. Dave had taken a group of people up to the roof. The door to the roof was locked, and they were stuck. People pleaded with Jose not to return to the higher floors, given the effort it had taken them to make it almost all the way down. Jose, hero that he was, didn't listen. He kept marching up, laboring to climb the stairs- but he kept going. He was last seen on the 68th floor climbing up towards those in need. He helped save many lives, and in an effort to do more, he laid down his own life.

Jose Marrero was adored by everyone that knew him at Euro Brokers, and for good reason. He made an effort to remember people's birthdays and would get the kitchen staff to bake treats for them on their special days. He went out of his way to help everyone and is remembered for his friendliness and constant smile. Jose was very close to his children and often would fall asleep with them after going upstairs to make sure they said their prayers. He was happy to be able to give them a house with a front yard and backyard, something he never had as a child.

Jose Marrero was among 57 men and four women from Euro Brokers who did not escape the tower.

**I would like to share this message written by Dave Vera's daughter to Jose Marrero

Sept. 11, 2010:

It's been 9 years and the grief of losing you all has never faded or diminished. I'm fairly certain that if you had continued on your way out, you probably would have made it out and lived to
 tell the tale like Brian Clark. But you were brave enough to go back up and try to help my father (David Vera) and for that, I'm both eternally grateful because at least my dad had some hope for help in his final moments and also extremely sorry that that bravery cost you your life. It will NEVER be forgotten.

-Jennica Vera Perez

We Will Never Forget!

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