Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today We Remember James Marcel Cartier

Last month I received an order for a few bracelets to be customized with the name of a heroic young man, just 26-years-old, James Marcel Cartier.

James was killed on Sept. 11th, and his sister Jennie ordered the bracelets in his memory.

Attached to her order she wrote: "I lost my brother, James Marcel Cartier...he was in the South Tower 105th floor. His heroic efforts saved the life of our sister, Michele, who was in the North Tower. He was our loving, kind, brother...son...our HERO not only on that horrific day...but everyday of his young life. May God Bless him and all those innocent lives lost on September 11, 2001."

Bracelets For America would appreciate you taking a moment to Honor James' life by looking at his memorial page: 

James was in the South Tower where he and a team of electricians were assigned to work in the AON offices. He called his brother John to go get their sister, Michele, out of the North Tower, though he knew he wouldn't make it out. 

His sister Michele wrote this message for her brother:

To My Brother James,

You are and always will be a one of a kind. You have touched so many lives and gave so much of yourself. You were not the kind to stand and watch things happen. You had the vision and made things happen. Your love for family showed time and time again. Knowing that I was in Tower 1, you called our brother John to find me. James, I found brother John in the crowd, because of you. I am here today, because of you. I believe that God gave you the extra time on this earth to help me. But that was your way.
You are forever in my heart. I miss you.
You are my Hero!

Love, your sister, Michele.

We Will Never Forget!


  1. Your brother's strong love of FAMILY. loyalty made my heart swell. What a precious brave young man. The world should live in his example. My thoughts are with your wonderful family. God bless ❤️ love Louise Thibault from Canada

  2. I worked with James @ St. Luke's Roosevelt and he was always so great. I met him one night on the train not long before 9/11 and he was so happy with his life. It is still sad when I go down and see his name at the memorial.