Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today We Remember FF Daniel "Danny" Suhr, FDNY

Today we remember Firefighter Daniel “Danny” Suhr, 37-years-old, Engine Co. 216, FDNY, who was killed at the WTC on September 11th, 2001.

Danny Suhr was the recipient of many nicknames. Captain America was one. Whenever he went out with friends, he would point to exit doors and tell them where to meet him if anything happened. He loved his job at Engine Company 216.

Danny was the first firefighter killed on 9/11. The firefighters of Engine 216 were some of the first responders to the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. They were setting up near the south tower when a body jumping from Tower Two struck and killed Danny, who had been a firefighter since 1983.

Seven firefighters came to Suhr's aid.  Just minutes after he was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, the tower came crashing down. Danny and his fellow firefighters would have been in that tower if he had not been injured.

"He kept everyone safe," said his wife, Nancy. "The other 7 firefighters stayed with him because they wouldn't leave him behind," his wife said. "Because they didn't go in, he saved their lives."

"We're alive because of Danny,” firefighter Tony Sanseviro said. "It was almost like he knew,” firefighter Chris Barry said. "He didn't look scared, but he knew it was bad.” Before Suhr died, he was the captain for the FDNY football team and the Brooklyn Mariners, a semi-pro team.

Pudgy Walsh, a decorated retired firefighter and legendary Brooklyn Mariners football coach, for whom Suhr played middle linebacker for 10 seasons, says he wasn’t surprised that Danny was the first one killed that day.

"Danny's father was a firefighter. He has a brother who was a firefighter. A sister who was a cop. We are talking about a very tough, very brave, very dedicated family here,” Walsh says.

"Danny was one of the best human beings I've met in my time on this earth. The most complete player I coached in 54 years of coaching the Mariners.  He was a great friend, a great firefighter, a devoted husband, and loving father. Losing Danny Suhr was a huge loss to this city."
Danny left behind his wife, Nancy, whom he began dating in grammar school and their daughter, Brianna, then 2. Even though he was considered this big, brave firefighter, he could get fairly mushy over his 2-year-old daughter, Briana. He was terrified when she did things like run toward him too fast. "He loved her more than life itself," Nancy said.

We Will Never Forget!


  1. I wish this never happened and all of these inncocent lives were still her today. There is nothing that can bring these people back, but at least on this 9/11 we all those responsible have been dealth with accordingly.

  2. as a Firefighter Daniel “Danny” Suhr is a great guy,
    very good,

  3. My God bless brave people like Daniel Suhr who are willing to risk their lives for others to live. There are no words to describe these unselfish kind people. We will always remember them.

  4. My daughter Courtney did a 9-11 Memorial 5k run in Brighton Michigan in your honor today. Continued prayers for your family. Rest in peace hero.

  5. Almost 19 years ago and it’s still heartbreaking. May families of these heroes continue to find comfort and peace.

  6. 20 years later We Never Forget your service and sacrifice.
    Rest In Peace.