Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today We Remember FF Brian Cannizzaro, FDNY

Today we remember FF Brian Cannizzaro, 30-years-old, Ladder Co. 101, FDNY.

Those close to Brian know that he was a strong and determined man who never needed to be pushed. He was on tap, but did it all with humor. His buddies remember the time he drove a Fire Dept. vehicle into a chief’s truck and somehow escaped without reprimand. And the time that he jumped into a Brooklyn trash bin to smother a fire and leaped out because of a rat. He had a memorable sense of humor and lived every moment to the fullest.

Like his father, who spent 32 years in the city Fire Department, Brian chose to work for the FDNY. After joining the ranks in 1999, he wound up at Ladder Co. 101 in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Brian’s life, along with so many others, came to a tragic end the morning of September 11th, when terrorists slammed planes into the World Trade Center. Brian, along with six other men from Ladder 101, never returned. His body was recovered the Sunday night after Sept. 11th, from the rubble of Ground Zero.

Brian left behind his loving wife Jackie and a 1-year-old son, Christopher.

"Our times together as a family were the best I ever had," Mrs. Cannizzaro said, referring to her husband as her "best friend."

The couple grew from two college kids who were dating to become the married parents of their baby boy.

At his funeral, his wife spoke these words:

"I know, in my heart, you'll be there for every home run, touchdown, every bump and bruise.”

She remembered that her husband "desperately wanted" to be a firefighter. "It comforts me that you were doing what you loved and you were in the company of such incredible men. Words cannot explain, Brian, of how proud of you I am."

Brian’s brother then turned to his young nephew, saying, "I hope you grow up to be just like your daddy."

We Will Never Forget!

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