Sunday, August 19, 2012

Today We Remember Daniel Harlin, FDNY, 41-years-old, who was killed on September 11th.

Daniel Harlin was a member of Ladder Co. 2, Battalion 8 on East 51st Street. Prior to becoming a fireman, Harlin was a police officer. His heart was in public service; he spent 15 years between the

In life, Danny made people smile.  Danny had a zest for life and enthusiasm for his job, apparent in the way he approached his work - regardless of the call.

Of all things in life of which he was proud, his children were at the top. Whether it was the children he adored, his fellow firefighters at Ladder, his many friends, or his large family, Danny kept them laughing with his teasing and practical jokes.

Those who loved Danny recall his mischievous grin, his love for giving nicknames and his ability to have fun, even in the most unexciting situations. He made life better for those who knew him.

Rev. Joseph Faraone, speaking in a eulogy at Danny’s funeral, recited the words he believed Danny would have told those he loved:

"I believe Danny would say, `Bury my body, but don't bury my beliefs; bury my heart, but don't bury my love; bury my eyes, but not my vision; bury my voice, but not my message; bury me, but
don't bury my life.' "

Danny was last seen helping people evacuate the South Tower.

We Will Never Forget!

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