Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today We Remember Sean Patrick Tallon

Today we remember Sean Patrick "Charger" Tallon, 26-years-old, Ladder Co. 10.

Sean had only a month or so left of being a "probie" (a probationary firefighter). He was one of the first responders, along with the other members of Ten House. Their station was right across the street from the World Trade Center. On the way up the stairs of Tower One, Sean helped a fellow firefighter that was having a heart attack, and then he continued up with two more of his fellow firemen. They were trapped when Tower One collapsed.

Sean was a reservist in the United States Marine Corps, a former emergency medical technician and a probationary firefighter with Ladder Company 10 just a few weeks away from the end of his training. He was tough.
He loved to play the button accordion. He would bring out his instrument and play Irish favorites for relatives at family gatherings, with his sister on the piano accordion. But he rarely played for friends; some of them didn't even know he could play an instrument.

When he left for work from his home on Sept. 11, headed for the fire station that was among the first to respond to the trade center attack, he seemed in a buoyant mood. 

Sean had recently told his mother that he was ready to find Mrs. Right. He said that would be his next mission. His probie year was almost finished and he wanted to start with the rest of his life. He had just blossomed.

A touching note left on Sean Tallon's Memorial wall September 11, 2006:

I knew Sean from Fordham Prep, I graduated in '94 after Sean. I remember him playing football. I am in the Army now and in 2003 I deployed to Afghanistan. I took Sean's memorial bracelet with me and left it in one of the caves just before I left. I will never forget.
C co. 1-501 PIR, 4th BRG 25th IN
~Amal Agalawatta, Ft. Richardson, Alaska

We Will Never Forget!

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